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Southern Round-UP-Day 2

29 Sep

DAY 2- Thurday

Up and at ’em early, everyone got showers and then Gary took Jan and me on a tour of the yard…bet that’s something you didn’t know about him! He loves his plants and can identify all of them and told us some great stories! They have a “Resurrection Fern” that is so cool….always looks dead but when it rains it re-greens itself and looks beautiful! It had rained the night before so it was all pretty but on my way back…he showed it to me again and it seriously looked like it was dead….very inspirational! We got on the road around 11am…Jan and I followed Gary and Clare in his truck for the 3 and a half hour drive to Panama City. He took us on country highways down there and we saw cotton fields ready to harvest and lots of logging trucks full of trees, it was really interesting! He took us thru the small quaint town of Eaufala which is situated on a big lake/river, has a long treelined avenue of Victorian homes…very cool! (I think Jan got pics, I was driving) Jan is a great traveling partner…we both wanted to stop everywhere and get pictures but luckily we had to keep up with Gary or we would have never made it to Panama City on time, LOL!

We stopped at 100 year old Barbeque place in Dothan, GA for lunch, called Dobbs Place. It was raining like crazy, too much rain too fast, lightening and thunder…just about drowned my poor lil car so it was a good time to take a break! Clare and I had pork BBQ sammies and Jan and Gary had ribs,pork and beef platters. I picked up some homemade smoked sausage to take along for breakfast. It was perfect timing because by the time we finished lunch, the skies has cleared and we were back safely on our way!





Just a few miles down the road was the Florida Welcome Center! Free Orange juice and Maps!






I have to say, Gary was great about stopping for potty breaks….you can tell he lives in a house of women,LOL!

We pulled into the Celadon Resort check-in area just as Robin (Robogramma) calls Clare and says she’s right across the street! Perfect timing…somehow we all arrived in minutes of each other…totally coincidence! So we unloaded 3 vehicles packed FULL of luggage,coolers, beach chairs and food onto 2 rolling carts and up we go to the condos! We were on the 8th floor, Gary and Clare were PENTHOUSE,23rd floor! Thank goodness for elevators! God bless our sweet Southern gentleman,Gary, for loading and unloading all the heavy stuff…it was so appreciated! He also got mad at us if we opened our own doors!

We got into the condo easily and we had such a cute one with a beach theme! Cheerful colors and the cutest decorations everywhere! We got unloaded and set in to put everything away….I meant to get pictures of the condo after we straightened everything up (all our mess) and set out snacks but I forgot…I think Jan got some tho! Gary and Clare went up to their condo unpacked, Clare needed a nap so Gary came down to visit with us, to give Clare some peace. Robin kept us all in stitches….she is such a sweet person and a character! She grew up in the Pensacola/Panama City Beach area so she and Gary were telling us all kinds of stories! Gary and Clare had honeymooned in PCB so it was neat to hear their stories of the beach years ago.




Beautiful sunset from the balcony!




Robin and Gary!



We talked and talked and talked and laughed til our sides hurt! And yes, about 50% of our yakking WAS about food and Allrecipes!  One of the things, Jan had wanted to do was go to a grocery store…so she and I took off for Winn Dixie down the street while Robin entertained Gary. Jan and I had a blast…I hadn’t been to a Winn Dixie in 15 years so for me it was  “old home week”! We got stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner and decided to make hot wings for dinner that night! Everyone was tired from traveling so we made a corporate decision to just stay in that night and party!






Okay, okay , okay…we may have gone a LITTLE overboard! LOL! I think we are all secretly food hoardes….didn’t want anyone to go hungry!  Jan made us all get out of her “One Butt Kitchen” and she made us wings with Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, cut up a bunch of fruit, made a curry dip for pretzels and chips…busy gal!





Jan in her “One Butt Kitchen”    she meant it too!





Hugs were given freely!




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28 Sep

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