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16 Dec

Thank you so much for all your Love and caring…..

I think it’s about time to let you know how I am doing…without my sweetheart, Danny.  I’m as fine as one could expect … coping, learning, and doing the best I know how. I have kept busy these past nine months with much traveling. As some know, my baby sis, Brenda, passed away a month and a half after Danny, so beyond the grief, we were all busy getting her teen boys situated. We loved and lost 5 important people in our family this year, all too young in my mind’s eye but I guess our higher power called, even Uncle Clinton, who was in his 70’s. I’m thinking we need to huddle together; my dear Family….5 people in one year is a huge hole in a family. And we have lost 2 wonderful Allrecipes Buzzers this year “Razzberryice” and “Sharyl4”…hard to fathom. We have many candles to light this Christmas….

     The GOOD NEWS is I did go to North Dakota in October to set Danny’s headstone and got to go see the ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL bench you guys bought! I cannot tell you HOW HUGE and beautiful it is! It’s about a block from his brother’s house on the same street. It’s called Centennial Park, on the grounds of the old elementary school that was torn down….now it’s a full block of trees, walkways, huge kids’ playground with nice play stuff, and a large pergola where they placed benches to sit. BUT Danny’s Memorial bench is the only huge polished marble/granite (?) one and is sitting in the prime position of the pergola. He will never be forgotten! It was Danny’s birthday so mid October our Maple Tree that you all had planted didn’t quite have all her leaves on (it was Fall) but she’s looking good and she’s taller than me by a few feet!.

 Family members met at his gravesite to see his headstone and it was beautiful. The small cemetery that he is buried in with his other 2 older brothers, overlooks the farm his Lepp Family, the 6 boys grew up on! I never knew that the cemetery overlooked the old farm! And he is the closest guy next to the old church.

 So honestly, it was a happy day to know all that! I’ve been to the farm and in the house a few times…it was abandoned many years before we married. The house still stands (not livable) and the farm is still owned by family members. So tho I was a horrible wreck all that day in anticipation….honestly…it was a relief… not bad… we laughed… his Mom and brother, Jerry talked about old times, no tears! My Father-in-law, my sis-in-law, Corinne (our nurse here in KY, she came down to help me out, INVALUABLE)…we all just walked around together in such a quiet and beautiful place…very calming. That cemetery is a history lesson in itself, so it was interesting to hear all the stories, they told. I love my Lepps!

So I stayed a week up in North Dakota…had my mail held, to be delivered the day I got back….AND GUESS WHAT WAS SITTING THERE WAITING? Okay…now that made me cry….

It was THE BOOKS that LadySparkles and Mike Harvey made from the world’s longest post you guys did! OH WOW! Perfect timing! They are huge, and she did so much work compiling all you all wrote! She made one whole book of Recipes and then a huge, huge book of all your well wishes from the Marathon post. And I was looking at one of the front of the books and said, gosh, this is a gorgeous pic, reminds me of my front porch. Well, It WAS my porch…. that Mike Harvey had made such nice artwork for the fronts of the books! Thanks, Mike…amazing work, between you and Carla! Mike, just recently read your blog that kept everything organized.

 I cannot thank you all enough… Baking Nana, Redneckgramma, Carrie, Celeste, Mike Harvey, and LadySparkles and all of you that kept the post going thru those our most desperate times. I’m trying to go thru each and every post as I can….I must say, it’s rough. You guys have all been so great and Danny was so proud to have me be a part of this AR Family. And I do have the recipes I need to start baking! Thank you all for being AMAZING to our family….posts from every state, and countries across the world. I can’t tell you how much it really helped our Lepp family to get thru the hard parts and to mend with all your prayers and well wishes.

Our Love always,

Danny (in peace) and Cindy Lepp

& Marley Arf! Arf!