12 Mar
Hi, Guys! GDerr’s “Relocation Director” here…LOL! Here’s the FINAL FINAL dates. The actual Allrecipes Get-together at the restaurant is Saturday, Sept 15th at  Hunt’s Restaurant in Panama City, at 11 – 11:30 am. DON’T BE LATE! The line winds all around the building by noon! They have all types of seafood & burgers…alligator, frog legs, oysters,shrimp, crabclaws… you name it! Casual dining, flip flops and shorts are preferred, a Florida experience!


VIEW FROM THE BALCONY! You have been cooking and baking all year! Time for a vacation!

There is so much to do in Panama City Beach that I have a room booked for a week. (Coming in Fri, Sept 14th, so we can have a night’s sleep before the Get-together the next morning!) All hubbys are WELCOME! Lots of fishing and man things to do! We most generally meet for an early dinner out at a restaurant during the week, but Pelicangal and I usually always have sammies or stuff to graze on when you get in on Friday, sitting on the  our table waiting for you at the condo.Wine and beer will be available, also. Just a OMG isn’t this a beautiful place, after your long journey and unloading everything!  A quick Welcome party after all the travels!

Here is the Condo info>

Someone will have to reserve each condo and guarantee the reservation for each condo. Then  that person will have to collect from each person that stays in the condo. I think that 2 rooms are full with 4 gals each already, but if you need  to share a room, I will get you in touch with others that are looking for the same. Email me @

We’d all love everyone to stay at the Celadon, west beach,you have all the amenities you need or could want. But I have other options too.<

Or ….<

You can click on the above link and see what the Celadon condos look like. Just enter each condo #  on the home page search feature to see each condo’s furnishings. Most are the same floor plan and have been built post Katrina. No refunds given unless ordered evacuation for hurricane.

Celadon Condos West End Of PC Beach. All Are 1 BR  2 Baths with Bunk Beds/Sleeper Sofa’s SPECIAL RATE OF $499/WEEK.  #169347 (6th floor)—206043 (22nd floor)—206045  23rd Floor Penthouse

Down the beach….SEYCHELLE Condo’s East End of PC Beach. Same Floor plan as above. Same Special Rate of $499/Week.  923023 (11th floor)—922913  (21st floor)—241995  (21st floor) upgraded kitchen 

Down the beach….MAJESTIC Beach Condo 4 Pools, Movie,Theater,Starbucks #253173 14th floor$599/Week.

ADD 12.50% Tax and A $50 Cleaning Fee to All The Above.

These Below Are 2 BR Condos, 2 Baths, Sleeper Sofa, Sleeps 6.

EMERALD Isle (12th floor) West End Of PC Beach, Approx 1 Minute from the CELADON Condo’s: 69008
STERLING REEF condos (14th floor) Middle of PC Beach Approx 1 Minute From The Majestic Beach Condo: 206026
Prices on the 2 Above 2 BR Condos are a Special Rate of $599/Week. Add the Tax and A $65 Cleaning Fee.
PLEASE NOTE- We are getting over 100 calls/emails daily on the 11 different condos we own (2 are now booked for that week). I’d CALL Quickly If You Need Multiple Units, Availability Changes Daily !
Mike or Buffy  Madden 706-254-2569 (owners of 11 condos) Please mention the Allrecipes Round-up when booking.

So start saving your pennies everyone! This get-together feels like a family reunion! Don’t be worried, you will be amongst friends!
Love, Cindy
This year the plans are: No plans! Go with the flow…
But us girls want to swim with the dolphins, para-sailing is right next door. A day trip to St. George’s Island, shopping at the local food store. Junk shopping, tourist shopping,going down to the Pier Place (tourist), eating oysters, found a new blue crab place, steak, sunburns and salty skin…swim, swim swim! Beach bums! Every night we’ll have a day trip planned for the next day or you can help decide the plans. You can go or not go….Some of us can’t stay all week so stay as long as you can! One day in the middle of the week, we all want to just stay home at the condos and eat at home, everyone get together.Stay at the beach all day, no makeup, wet and bedraggled all day! Seee….. I told you it’d be fun!

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