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14 May

When we moved from Ohio to Kentucky right at Thanksgiving and all my cookbooks were all still packed in some box, I decided to go online to see if I could find a recipe for what I had on hand. I had only unpacked one box of dishes and some bake ware. I was 45 minutes from any store, in the middle of nowhere but after 3 hours of getting the cable and internet installed, I decided to make something great for dinner….no cook books so I just googled. I found ALLRECIPES and what a prize I found!
It was easy and quick and looked like I worked all day on it!
The next day I came back and pretty much spent the whole day looking for recipes and ran across the “Recipes Exchange” (now called the BUZZ) and just was amazed how people could ask cooking questions and someone would answer in a matter of minutes! I signed up as a member in December 2007 and have been there ever since! (I did finally unpack my cookbooks but really have not used them since.)

In these past years, I have made many friends, lifelong friends, thru our daily posts on the BUZZ. I have met many of you in person and hope to meet many more as time allows. We’ve all been thru a bunch over the years, supporting each other thru new babies, marriages, divorces, loss of family members and pets, job loss….we have been thru it all together with each other with loving support from our Allrecipes friends.

Please  join with me to wish ALLRECPES a very Happy 15th Birthday! Thank you to all the staff that have been patient with us over the years and all the wonderful service that continues to allow us to find great recipes and great camaraderie for the next 15 years.

Thank you to everyone for being so kind and friendly to me over the years, you guys were my lifeline to the world  sometimes!